Neocon 2015


What is SilverBan™?

Engineers and scientists from both OFS Brands and their finish partners have collaborated to incorporate an anti-microbial into their patented Euroluxe™ wood finish.

SilverBan technology is the next generation of antimicrobials utilizing silver ions infused into the Euroluxe™ wood finish for anti-microbial protection on all exposed wood surfaces. SilverBan inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria on wood surfaces, as well as odors caused by bacterial growth, by 99.99%.

SilverBan is available on all exposed wood products from Carolina.

How SilverBan™ Works

All silver antimicrobial systems function in similar ways. SilverBan technology works by infusing silver ions into host particles, i.e. wood finish. An ion-exchange mechanism occurs when moisture or humidity is introduced to host particles. This moisture can be found in an environments surrounding air or in the form of human perspiration, a human’s sneeze, cough, etc. Ions such as sodium and potassium, which are typically found in humidity, exchange positions with the silver ions. The released silver ions are then able to act on bacteria at the surface of the treated wood by a multi-mode action of disrupting metabolism, transport mechanisms and cellular reproduction. Carolina’s patented Euroluxe™ finish serves as an excellent host for silver ions and allows efficient release of silver ions in a highly controlled manner.

Benefits of SilverBan™

SilverBan’s unique silver antimicrobial technology represents the latest evolution of silver-based antimicrobials in the industry. Laboratory tests show that bacteria can double within 20 minutes on unprotected surfaces. Most germs can only be seen by the human eye once they have multiplied to hundreds of thousands. SilverBan technology immediately goes to work fighting the spread of germs and bacteria on wood surfaces. Facilities need the reassurance of fighting the spread of infections which can ultimately have a negative impact on attendance and profitability.