Neocon 2015

Supporting caregivers, patients, and families along their journey

Healthcare environments witness constant change and require supportive response with intuitive products and efficient spaces. Mile Marker™ delivers forward-thinking solutions to positively impact the healing experience for caregivers, patients, and their families.

With its insightful product offering and smart design, Mile Marker instinctively responds to differing needs in the healthcare landscape. Perceptive caregiver stations, serene patient rooms, and amenity-rich family respite areas all speed healing with higher performance. Mile Marker’s precise engineering and high quality construction ensures support for hardworking environments from install through the life of the product. An extensive selection of materials and options meet the distinctive challenges of all levels of care.

Advances in healthcare will continually shift the journey ahead. Whether for caregivers, patients or their families, Mile Marker will be there along the way.
Work studies provide first-hand knowledge of how caregivers perform their daily tasks. Quick response, balanced with supportive space, is the key driver to safe, happy and healthy caregivers. Mile Marker provides the tools along the caregiver’s quest to support work flow in healing environments.
Evidence based design supports the idea that patients respond positively to a favorable environment. Mile Marker creates supportive and healing spaces with warm and comforting finishes, seamless surfaces to sustain infection control efforts and personalized storage for security and peace of mind.
Families are increasingly involved in the care and rehabilitation of their loved ones. Mile Marker equips nearby respite areas with all of the comforts of home. Cabinetry components are designed to easily incorporate such amenities as beverage centers and other appliances, work spaces for personal use and storage areas for longer stays.
Unlike traditional millwork...
  • Mile Marker delivers a highly engineered and consistently manufactured final product.
  • Mile Marker offers continuity in design throughout each area of the facility.
  • Shipping fully assembled offers agility and easy installation.
  • All of Mile Marker’s components can easily be moved and reconfigured.
  • Mile Marker simplifies specification processes ensuring confidence throughout the design phase.
  • Shorter manufacturing lead times allow for specification decisions to be made later in the design process.
  • Mile Marker allows for adaptability to a facilities future needs.
  • A full support team means help is available from specification through installation.
Unlike traditional millwork...
  • Mile Marker offers tax advantages, depreciating over a 7 year period.
  • Mile Marker can be registered as a capital asset versus a fixed asset.
  • Easier specification and installation means less time and labor is required.
  • Mile Marker can be reused and repurposed as needs change, freeing up future finances for other needs.
  • Budgetary concerns are addressed early on through standard published pricing.
Unlike traditional millwork...
  • Mile Marker’s broad standard product offering provides solutions for multiple areas of the facility.
  • Mile Marker’s support solutions range from specific work functions to more general applications within a facility.
  • The option rich solutions offered by Mile Marker allow each application to be customized for specific needs.
  • Mile Marker provides consistent aesthetics throughout the full facility addressing infection control, housekeeping, and maintenance concerns.
  • Mile Marker’s thoughtful design and multiple options address infection control concerns.